Who is the hot Latina in the spectrum commercial? (2023)

Who is the Latina woman in the spectrum commercial?

Erica Shaffer
Years active1992–present

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Who is the woman in the spectrum ads?

Erica Shaffer

She is the spokesperson who encourages customers to get 100 Mbps internet at a discount for one year when bundled with voice. The spectrum commercial actress was born and raised in San Diego, California.

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Who is the girl in the new spectrum mobile commercial?

New commercials: Calm, Spectrum Mobile, Home Chef Rachael Ray, Allstate, DraftKings | Ad Age Marketing News.

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Who is the actor in the new spectrum commercial?

Spectrum TV Spot, 'Ducks in a Row' Featuring John Hoogenakker.

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Who is the beautiful girl in the spectrum commercial?

Dawn Rochelle Warner
Dawn Rochelle
Modeling information
Height5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBlue
4 more rows

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Who is the actor in the spectrum 29.99 Commercial?

James Conroy (born September 17, 1970) is an American actor and television writer known for appearing on television shows and movies, such as The Cuphead Show!, Jellystone!, Kenny the Shark and Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman, as well as numerous radio commercials and video games.

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Who is the spectrum Mobile commercial?

Spectrum Mobile TV Spot, 'Lines for Your Business and Family' Featuring John Hoogenakker.

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Is Zooey Deschanel in phone commercial?

Ignoring the obvious doubt on her current customer's face when she introduces herself as Lily from AT&T, actress Zooey Deschanel plows on ahead with AT&T's latest offer: a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S22 when you trade-in your old Galaxy phone.

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Who is the girl in the Xfinity commercial 2022?

XFINITY TV Spot, 'We've Become Nocturnal' Featuring Judy Greer.

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Who is Cleopatra in commercial?

Halle Berry Glitters as Cleopatra in 6-Inch Gold Heels for Caesars Sportsbook's Super Bowl Commercials With Manning Family & JB Smoove.

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Who is the werewolf woman in the spectrum commercial?

Gillian Vigman
BornJanuary 28, 1972 Morristown, New Jersey, US
OccupationActress, comedian, screenwriter
Years active1998–present
SpouseDave Gibbs ​ ( m. 2008)​
1 more row

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Who plays Lily in Samsung commercial?

The campaign began on an AT&T social media site, and the company came to her defense, stating "We will not tolerate the inappropriate comments and harassment of Milana Vayntrub, the talented actor that portrays Lily in our ads," and shut down comments.

Who is the hot Latina in the spectrum commercial? (2023)
Is Rashida Jones in a commercial?

During the February 2022 Super Bowl LVI, she appeared alongside Tommy Lee Jones, Leslie Jones, and Nick Jonas in a Toyota commercial for the Tundra pickup truck entitled 'keeping up with the Joneses' with background music 'It's Not Unusual' by Tom Jones.

Who is Lily on Samsung commercial?

In a new commercial that aired this week, an AT&T salesperson — Lily, played by Milana Vayntrub — tries to convince Stafford to get a new, free Samsung Galaxy S22 for trading in his old Galaxy.

Who is the girl in the Cox Internet commercial?

Vivian Rodriguez (I)

Who is in the new ATT commercial 2022?

AT&T Wireless TV Spot, 'New iPhone 14 Pro: Gamer' Featuring Javier Hernández.

Who is in the new AT&T Commercial 2022?

James vouches for every iPhone user to get the best deal from AT&T, not just the ones who buy iPhone 14. Milana and James eventually agree that every iPhone user, existent and new, will receive the best deals from AT&T. LeBron James remains one of the most popular athletes globally.

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