Brainy synonym? (2023)

What is the synonym of brainy?

clever. (informal) I don't class myself as being very intelligent or brainy. Synonyms. intelligent.

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What is the synonym of clever answer?


1 ingenious, talented, quick-witted; smart, gifted; apt, expert. 4 skillful, agile, handy.

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What is a professional way to say enough is enough?

Some common synonyms of enough are adequate, competent, and sufficient.

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What is a word for smart thinking?

Some common synonyms of intelligent are alert, clever, and quick-witted. While all these words mean "mentally keen or quick," intelligent stresses success in coping with new situations and solving problems. When is alert a more appropriate choice than intelligent?

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What is a stronger word for smart?

agile, astute, bold, brainy, bright, brilliant, canny, crafty, good, nimble, quick, resourceful, sharp, shrewd, slick, wise, active, energetic, ache, throb.

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What word means clever witty or sarcastic remark?

quip. / (kwɪp) / noun. a sarcastic or cutting remark; gibe. a witty or clever sayinga merry quip.

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What is the meaning of clever remark?

A witty remark is clever and funny and timed just right. When you make such a remark, you are also considered to be witty. The adjective witty can be used to describe those quick little funny remarks that often demonstrate a sharp, biting humor delivered in a playful manner.

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What are 2 synonyms for intelligent?

synonyms for intelligent
  • astute.
  • brainy.
  • bright.
  • brilliant.
  • creative.
  • imaginative.
  • inventive.
  • knowledgeable.

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How do you replace too with enough?

Summary. Use too for negative situations and enough for positive ones. Too comes before the adjective or adverb it's describing, while enough comes after the adjective or adverb. Enough comes before a noun, whereas too is never used before a noun.

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What is another way to say more than enough?

Ample means enough—sufficient or adequate. It can also mean more than enough—plentiful or abundant.

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How do you say more than enough in one word?

Some common synonyms of plentiful are abundant, ample, and copious. While all these words mean "more than sufficient without being excessive," plentiful implies a great or rich supply.

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What does a brainy mean?

: having or showing a well-developed intellect : intelligent.

Brainy synonym? (2023)
Does brainy mean smart?

Someone who is brainy is clever and good at learning.

What does brainy mean dictionary?

brainy. / (ˈbreɪnɪ) / adjective brainier or brainiest. informal clever; intelligent.

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